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  • How long does it take?
    =5 to 7 Days (sometimes less).
  • Do you Offer Rush Delivery?
    =Yes, we do. (24 to 48 Hours)
  • When the portrait is completed, What do I receive?
    =The final artwork we deliver is a digital version JPG File (High Quality/High Resolution Format) ready to print in any size. 
  • Can you send the editable/vector file?
    =If requested by customer, Yes (free of charge).
  • Do you have a list of different backgrounds to choose from?
    =Yes we do, over 60 backgrounds to choose from or we can also draw a custom BG for you.
  • Do I get a discounted price on large orders?
    =Yes, plus FREE Backgrounds for all packages (except for 1 person).
  • Do you Guarantee Customer Satisfaction?
    =Once the final artwork is delivered, we offer unlimited revisions until you're 100% Satisfied.
  • Can I send individual and Group photos in order to create a Group Portrait??
    =Yes, our designers will put all the pieces together.
  • What type of photos should I send?
    =A clear Face and Body photo Shot.
  • Do pets count as a person?
  • Can I do whatever I want with my portrait?
    =Yes, absolutely, we put no restrictions on your portrait, it’s yours to do whatever you want with it.

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Simpsonize me

how to draw yourself as a simpsons character

Since the Simpsons TV show was created, not only has it become one of the best TV shows ever in a short period of time, but also, lots of people and fans around the world began to ask themselves a really interesting question: What would I look like as a Simpson, it sounds crazy, right? However, the truth is that it is a fair question that probably many of us asked ourselves at some point.

So, do you love the Simpsons? If your answer is a resounding YES, we are sure that you probably tried already turnmeyellow.com, which is for sure the best place where you can create your own Simpsons character

make simpsons character from photo

The Simpson is probably one of the most famous TV shows ever and definitely, the best-animated sitcom ever made. Matt Groening is their creator and the sitcom is part of FOX. Since it was released in 1989, the show has millions of fans around the world so being able to get simpsonized is probably one of the greatest things for every single fan of the sitcom around the world.

If every time you see Homer, Marge, or Maggie on your TV screen, you want to be there and you can imagine yourself being part of the amazing world of the Simpsons, now your dream could be true. You can make a Simpson or make your own Simpson in turnmeyellow.com.

Maybe you follow this show since it started however you want a new experience and you want to try something different but having all the Simpsons' seasons on DVD isn't enough so you think: I want to simpsonize me, well you have plenty of options, one of them is turnmeyellow.com, just need to follow some easy steps and in a blink of an eye, you'll be turning yellow like Bart.

me as a simpsons character

How it works?

You can have access to a lot of sites and applications where you can draw you as a Simpsons character and also Simpsonize yourself however, sometimes these places aren't as good as they say they are and the process and steps to turn yourself into a Simpson character isn't easy, but fortunately turnmeyellow.com will give you exactly what you want.

STEP 1: Your first step to being able to your option of simpsonize me online is to choose one of the packages depending on your needs and budget (packages are of 1 person, 2 persons, and more). You can pay for this package by using PayPal and other payment methods.

STEP 2: When you finished step 1, you'll be able to continue to make Simpsons character from photo so you just need to upload a photo of yourself or someone else. One of the reasons why turnmeyellow.com is one of the best sites to turn you into a Simpson character is that they have a really easy and great way to turn me into a Simpson by processing one of your photos.

simpsonize me

STEP 3: You don't need to do anything here; you just need to wait for a little while and then you will receive your portrait as a Simpson character.

When you access this site, you'll have a lot of options of different packages that you can buy depending on how many Simpsons caricature you want to make especially because this could be a perfect gift for someone who loves the Simpsons as much as you do, it could be a member of your family or a special friend.

Also, you can use this site just to have fun and just because you want to create your Simpson avatar just to have fun. Anyway, you have a variety of packages that you can choose from.

1 person package, 2 person package, 3 person package, 4 person package, 5 person package, and 6 people or more packages. All these packages have different prices for you like Simpson myself or just for you or your family and friends as well.

simpsons creator

This is one of the best things about this site, the different options it will give you because at the end, it doesn't matter if you are the only one who enjoys the show and you think about how would look: Me as a Simpsons character well, no problem, you can buy the 1 person package or if you and your friends, for example, enjoy The Simpsons and you even watch it together, you can but the 6 person package and instead of just use the simpsonize me, you can create fun avatars and fun pictures that includes all your friends.

How you will get your Simpson avatar?

Maybe you are thinking now how your avatar is created and how it is delivered to you. Well, the first thing you need to know that even if there are a lot of other Simpsons image generator and avatar creators, turnmeyellow.com is one of the best, not only for the quality but also because after you send the picture they will email you as soon as possible your digital, hand-drawn image that you'll be able to use in any way.

You don't need to know how to draw yourself as a Simpsons character, because they will do it for you.

what would i look like as a simpson

As we mentioned before one of the perks you'll get if you decide to make your Simpson avatar with this site is that unlike other similar pages and applications, they won't use software to create your avatar, these Simpsons style portrait will be hand-drawn by a real professional artist who according to the picture you sent after you begin to take the 3 steps and chose your favorite picture and sent it to us, will create a one of a kind, special and unique "me Simpson" that will be exactly like you but in yellow.

If you are a true Simpson fan and follower, we are sure you probably have already a lot of things and products related to the show, maybe a T-shirt or a mug, however, if you want to go further and you are thinking: I have to simpsonize myself, you'll find plenty of options on the internet.

create your own simpsons character

Among all these options and sites and applications, you'll find 2 or maybe 3 that will give you exactly what you want and will do it by giving you different options with a variety of avatar Simpson creator.

So no matter if you just want to have fun and turn yourself into a funny and awesome Simpson, or you just want to give to that special person who also enjoys the show, a personalized Simpson avatar just by using the simpsonize me option and follow the step, you'll be able to have it by only joining turnmeyellow.com.

get simpsonized
draw you as a simpsons character

The Simpsons are Registered Trademarks of FX Networks LLC. We are in no way associated with or authorized by FX Networks LLC and neither that entity nor any of its affiliates have licensed or endorsed us.

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